Business Plan Preparation

JT Consultancy offers the creation of a Business Plan to customers, often startups, to define the company’s economic and financial analysis model, objectives, balance sheet analysis and related risks.

Our forecasts are validated by economic and financial analyses on primary and secondary sources, to ensure precise and accurate forecasts.

The document includes an analysis of the reference market and above all a financial analysis which will include the intermediate estimates of the income statement in order to determine the profitability of the idea.

The Business Plan pursues several objectives: in addition to determining a program of financial and strategic analysis of the business activity, it is a fundamental tool for potential investors in order to allow them to evaluate the validity of the project.

JT Consultancy creates a complete business plan: the approach adopted aims to offer an extremely reliable and presentable document directly to potential investors.

We creates an extremely personalized and structured business plan in order to be consistent for potential investors or use it internally to set medium and long-term objectives.

The flexibility and attitude to adopt innovative approaches to startups lead to the drafting of a highly personalized planning that can fully satisfy the needs of the company.