Project Proposals

We are a consulting firm in Bhutan with local and international experience, having expertise in preparing Project Proposal & Business Plans. With a good understanding of the market and business environment, we are able to provide insightful advice to ensure that the business project can be implemented realistically and without unnecessary delay.

  • Bankable Project Report
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Form for Industrial Sector Projects
  • Environmental Clearance from the National Environment Commission Secretariat
  • Obtaining Land Lease agreementPublic ClearanceLocational Clearances
  • Obtaining conditional Food Safety License from BAFRA (for food based industry)


Related Work Experience

We have expertise in preparation of Business Plans / Project Proposals / Detailed Project Reports and have worked with International Consultants (iMacs, Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, E&Y). Some of the project proposals that we have worked on are:

  • Water Bottling Plant
  • Three star resorts
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Project
  • Fused Dolomite Project
  • Caustic Soda Project
  • Cement Plant
  • Glue Laminated Project
  • Establishment of Tea Estate
  • Ferrosilicon
  • Construction Material Supply Chain
  • Cellular Light weigh Concrete Blocks
  • uPVC
  • Sport Facilities in Bhutan
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Hospitality Business