Film Production Service

JT Consultancy & our affilate partners are is there to provide you with consultancy service in making a documentary and film to show case your story, goods and services. We can work face to face or remotely. We Provide all the reassurance you need at all points of the creative process, without the expense of a full-time executive producer.

Film and Documentary production is essentially about dealing with two big challenges. One is money. The other is time. And they always come in pairs. But you probably know that already.

And that’s where we come in. During the years, we developed the know-how to make it all fall into place. There is always the way to find the best possible production solution; to be good, competitive and to keep the standard of quality.

Experience is not irrelevant matter when it comes to production services. It’s exactly what enables us to be a great production service and co-production partner.

Some of our work



JT Consultancy has a team of experienced professionals with a range of backgrounds who can help with every aspect of the pre-production process.

Are you struggling with concept creation? We have a host of creatives that can help with idea generation and storyboarding.

Do you want help securing equipment? We have relationships with top equipment rental houses around the world.

Are you frustrated by complicated permit applications? We have experts to help you manoeuvre the red tape.

Need a location scout? We have you covered there, too. Name the problem you have, and we’ll fix it.


After the location has been secured, the script has been signed off and the equipment has arrived, it’s time to start shooting. We have relationships with skilled camera operators, cinematographers, videographers and production assistants. We also have access to major camera, sound and lighting technology so that together we can produce the highest-quality video possible.


In order for your video to truly come to life, you’ll need a cast of experienced editors, visual effects artists and sound designers. You’ll also need the latest and most advanced editing tools, sound stages and design suites. We can provide all of the above. At JT Consultancy, we know that we’re helping you with your project. We listen in order to produce a film / documentary that perfectly captures your vision.

Find Out More About Our Film Production Services

Want to know more? Ask us! Get in touch with one of our fixing teams by live chatting with us at the bottom right of this page or contact us here. We will be delighted to discuss your specific project and production requirements!

We cater to your film production needs so any shoot in any location is far less daunting then it may appear. We make your project run smoothly. Let us guide your project from research and pre-production through to post-production.