Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

As the climate changes, we are experiencing the impact of environmental, social and political conditions such as global supply chains, urban infrastructures, the spread and emergence of pests and diseases, water supplies and ecosystems. Our cities could see temperature rises of several degrees by the end of the century, whilst flooding and extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent and intense worldwide.

The impacts of these climate risks are social, economic and environmental. They vary significantly based on local context, resources and capacity.

Establishing an effective response is also a financial challenge. Factors such as changing land values in high and low risk geographies, new regulatory design and performance standards as we manage overheating and flood risk, escalating frequency of shock events like pandemics and crop failures all have significant financial and planning implications for cities and asset owners.

We at JTConsultancy understand this is an interdisciplinary challenge. Our experts understand how to deal with the high level of climate uncertainty by taking a systems view to diagnosing the issues, as well as an inclusive and participatory approach to developing appropriate solutions. We are committed to developing equitable climate resilience strategies that deliver wider social and economic benefits. Our work enables our built environments, our planet and our communities to thrive for future generations.