Corporate Governance Specialist

Name: Pema Wangdhee

Date of Birth: 04-04-1971

Nationality: Bhutanese


  1. Asian Institute of Management Master in Development Management (MDM) 2001
  2. National Institute of Education Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) 1998
  3. University of Delhi Bachelor of Arts (Honors Course) 1995

 Other Training

  1. Balanced Scorecard (2013) Balanced Scorecard Institute, Australia
  2. General Management (2012) IIM, Ahmedabad, India
  3. SAP Human Capital Management (2010) Wipro India
  4. Organizational Change Management (2008) Danida Fellowship Program, Denmark
  5. Leading for Change Program (2008) RCSC and SNV, Bhutan
  6. Research Methodologies & Report Writing (2007) NA Secretariat, Bhutan
  7. Research Proposal Development (2006) Guru Jambheswar University, Haryana
  8. Data Processing – Social Science Research (2003) RIM and InfoTech Solutions, Bhutan


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PoorEmployment Record [Starting with present position, list in reverse order every employment held by staff member since graduation, giving for each employment (see format here below): dates of employment, name of employing organization, positions held.]:


Work Experience: 

From:              2010 to 2016

Employer:         Druk Holding and Investments, Thimphu

Positions held:

  1. Associate Director – Corporate Services (2014 – 2016)
  2. Head of HR and Administration (2010-2014)


From:               1996 To: 2010

Employer:         Royal Institute of Management, Semtokha, Thimphu

Positions held:

  1. Head – Department of Research and Consultancy 2008 – 2010
  2. Lecturer – Department of Management Development 2005 – 2010
  3. Lecturer – Center for Executive Development             2001 – 2004
  4. Associate Lecturer – General Management Program                         1996 – 2000


11. Detailed Tasks Assigned


·     Prepare the technical approach, methodologies and work plan;

·     Conduct the envisioning exercise;

·     Conduct SWOT and organizational context analyses;

·     Facilitate the process of formulating the mission, values, and destination statements;

·     Lead the team to devise and determine the strategic thrust areas, strategic maps, objectives, measures and initiatives, and resources including the overall BSC approach;

·     Facilitate in preparing the action plans/activities and recommending evaluation mechanism, and

·     Prepare and present the CSP reports.

12. Works Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned


Name of assignment or project (1): Review of Corporate Strategic Plan and Guidance to DCCL’s internal team


Year: 2015

Location: Nganglam

Company: DCCL

Main Project Features: The DCCL board directed me to review the draft CSP of DCCL prepared by its internal team to make it more professional and practicable using the BSC approach.


Positions Held: Board Director of DCCL assigned to review the CSP of DCCL


Activities performed: Reviewed the whole document and provided specific comments and suggestions on how to firm up the whole strategic plan. It also included giving concrete feedback on which process tool to use, how to analyze and synthesize information and findings and devise strategic objectives, actions, measures and initiatives.


Name of assignment or project (2): Advisory support on how to use BSC framework to prepare the CSP


Year: 2014

Location: Thimphu

Company: BoBL

Main Project Features: The management of BoBL requested me to specially help its internal team to validate all its draft strategic maps, measures and initiatives and see if these were done as per the BSC approach.


Positions Held: Advisor/resource person from DHI


Activities performed: Conducted two days of consultative meetings and coaching on how to devise BoB’s strategic maps, objectives, actions, measures and initiatives using the BSC framework. Guided the team on how to objectively cascade the mission and goals down to the initiative levels and implement their CS action plans across the company.


Name of assignment or project (3): Preparation of the CSP of DHI (2014-2018)


Year: 2014

Location: Thimphu

Company: DHI

Main Project Features: Development of CSP using the BSC framework (From mission to implementation plan of actions) at the business and functional level


Positions Held: Associate Director – Corporate Services, DHI


Activities performed: Provided oversight to all managers under the corporate services division (such as HR, Media and PR, IT, Accounts and Procurement and Administration) to prepare their function-specific objectives, measures and initiatives so that these are in tune with the overall strategic maps and actions of the company’s CSP. Also, provided views and feedback to firm up the CSP.

HR and Functional Set-ups: Towards Merger of PCAL and DCCL in 2011 (A direct deposit work awarded to DHI using single source selection method).

Name of assignment or project (4): Led the DHI’s consultancy team in carrying out the study on planning the organizational restructuring plan for merging PCAL and DCCL


Year: 2011

Location: Thimphu

Company: PCAL and DCCL

Main Project Features: To conduct the restructuring exercise of Penden and Dungsam in anticipation of the merger or combination of the two cement manufacturers for greater business, organizational and HR optimization


Positions Held: Principal Consultant (While as Head of HR and Administration at DHI)


Activities performed: Guided a team of four consultants from DHI since