Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change

There is increasing urgency in company boardrooms to address the complex sustainability challenges facing the world.

Executives are under pressure from investors and customers and even employees to increase the pace, scale and transparency of their sustainability-related actions. JT Consultancy works with leading organizations to address complex sustainability challenges and create long-term value by clarifying strategic direction, designing corporate sustainability programs, and enhancing transparency and the robustness of public disclosures.

Investments in environment, health and safety and sustainability programs are no exception – every ngultrum spent needs to protect or should create value for the business. JT Consultancy helps executives shape these programs to fit this new context by better connecting the Environment, Health & Safety and sustainability functions with operations.

Our approach provides a catalyst for management and confidence to investors and other stakeholders by:

  • Assessing strategic direction – Helping clients understand the changing business context for sustainability, engaging leaders (from the Board to operational management) in defining the case for change, and when appropriate, setting new direction aligned with a strong and integrated sustainability strategy.
  • Supporting companies and business engage with policymakers and regulatory development¬†– Leveraging our deep policy and market expertise to assist our clients in ensuring that climate policies are economically and environmentally sustainable and promoting collaborative efforts that have led to the formation of¬†several multi-stakeholder coalitions.
  • Driving change – Combining business process transformation with advanced technology and our deep subject matter expertise to help clients operationalize sustainability – notably environmental, social and governance factors – into their organizations to help drive continued improvement.