Environment assessment and management

Our environmental assessment and management team are experts in identifying and managing issues and impacts which arise on setting up project and  developing sites, whilst also maximising opportunities for environmental enhancement and social value.

We manage all stages of the environmental and social impact assessment and mitigation process. This includes baseline surveys, design input, consultation and scoping with statutory consultees and stakeholders, as well as the environmental and social impact assessment process itself.

Our team of environmental consultants work with the range of specialists throughout the planning and development process. We have a stellar reputation for being a trusted advisor within environmental consultancy. This includes working collaboratively and building effective relationships with our clients and their appointed design teams. As a testament to this, a lot of the work we do is for a number of repeat clients.    

We have a strong track record of building and maintaining relationships with statutory consultees through the planning and development process. For example, we have extensive experience working with local and competent authorities in an environmental impact assessment (EIA) peer review capacity. 

We provide clear, concise and thoughtful advice with an emphasis on risk management and environmental enhancement. A key component of our approach is to ensure that the main environmental issues are dealt with early on in the design process. We do this to maximise environmental sustainability, as well as preventing unnecessary delays and expenditure.

Our multidisciplinary team of environmental and climate change specialists work across the various stages of the planning and development process to influence environmental, social and economic outcomes.